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We continue to raise the bar.

TyBoone Consulting leads in nonprofit consulting, specializing in community health education, research, and strategic planning. Offering a unique blend of expertise and services including grant writing, management, organization evaluation, and impact assessment, we empower nonprofits to exceed their goals. With a track record of stewarding over $400 million in funding, our team ensures sustainable growth and impact. Beyond funding, we focus on research, planning, and evaluation, driving innovation in community health. Choose TyBoone Consulting for a dedicated partner committed to your success and impact.


Ty Boone Consulting was founded by Ty Boone, a seasoned nonprofit success strategist with a rich background in the traditional nonprofit sector, academia, and research.


Recognizing a gap in the funding landscape, where large entities often overshadowed smaller grassroots and community-based organizations, Ty set out to level the playing field. Despite these smaller groups being closely connected to their communities and keenly aware of their needs, they frequently lacked the internal readiness, support, and knowledge to compete effectively for funding.


Drawing on her extensive expertise, which spans research, program management, nonprofit leadership, and academia, including teaching college courses in a wide array of subjects from epidemiology to nonprofit management, Ty aimed to empower organizations of all sizes. Her goal was to ensure they not only achieve but also maintain funding competitiveness by understanding the requisites for success at both micro and macro levels.


Ty Boone, CEO

Ty is the esteemed owner and chief consultant of Ty Boone Consulting, is a towering figure in the field of nonprofit consulting, renowned for her extensive expertise and unparalleled accomplishments. Her leadership has been pivotal in attracting and managing over $400 million in funding, a testament to her proficiency and dedication in the nonprofit sector. Ty's exceptional ability to transform organizations from startup phases or struggling conditions into models of sustainability and success is widely recognized and respected. Her educational background is as impressive as it is diverse, encompassing degrees in psychology and public health, complemented by extensive credentials and education in nonprofit consulting. This rich academic foundation underpins her holistic and effective approach to consulting, enhancing her ability to address a wide array of challenges faced by nonprofit organizations. Ty's contributions to the sector extend beyond consulting; she has designed and developed courses, held executive positions in traditional nonprofit organizations, and authored a multitude of peer-reviewed journal articles. Her status as a bestselling author of a nonprofit book further cements her as a thought leader and influencer in the field. As a strategist, consultant, and stellar grant writer, Ty embodies the pinnacle of professionalism and skill. Her work not only propels Ty Boone Consulting to the forefront of nonprofit consultancy but also significantly impacts the broader community of nonprofits, aiding them in achieving their goals and maximizing their impact. Ty's leadership and expertise make her an invaluable asset to both her team and the countless organizations that benefit from her wisdom and guidance

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